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Shred Documents
Recycle Electronics
August 20, 2016
Recycle Electronics
Service by E-End


Record setting event: nearly twice as many people were served and they donated over twice as much money as our previous eCycle/Shred events.


The free community service was offered between 9 a.m. and noon on Saturday, August 20 at the Jefferson Ruritan Club in Jefferson, Maryland.  Over 170 people were served and nearly 95% made voluntary contributions.  Donors had the option of choosing to support either or both of these causes: 

  • School construction and scholarships in Africa administered by Able & Willing International Education Foundation, Inc.

  • The Jefferson Ruritan Scholarship Fund administered by the Community Foundation of Frederick County.

Processing Results:

  • 5.25 tons of documents were safely shredded
  • 1.00 tons of fat tube TVs and fat tube monitors were recycled*
  • 1.65 tons of other electronic items were responsibly recycled and electronic data securely destroyed 
  • 8 Certificates of Data Destruction were issued ($5 each, not tax deductible)


·       Gross Income = $4406.00

·       Expenses =         $533.84 (preliminary)

·       Net Income =    $3872.16

(The following shares were allocated  by donor preference.  If no preference was specified, donations were divided in proportion to number of volunteers and transportation equipment provided by the respective organizations.)

o   Net to Able & Willing for school construction and scholarships in Africa = $1959.28

o   Net to the Jefferson Ruritan Scholarship Fund administered by the Community Foundation of Frederick County =  $1912.88

NOTE ON FAT TUBE TVs and MONITORS:  our future eCycle events will not accept fat tube TVs and monitors due to recycling restrictions and expense. 

We continue to not accept electronic items that require licensed processing such as air conditions and refrigerators.

Thanks again!

--Jim Carpenter
Chair, Environment Committee, Jefferson Ruritan Club
Treasurer & Tech Advisor, AWIEF

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 BONUS EFFECTS  (tax deductible):
      Help Able & Willing build schools in Africa
      Help Jefferson Ruritan fund local student scholarships

Questions:  301-685-3282