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Since December 20, 1955

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Scholarship Committee

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Purpose: to disseminate applications for the annual scholarship program and select recipients

Chair: Juan Stull

2017-18 Winners of $1500 scholarships are:

  • Makenzie Schnur   - Massiah College
  • Bethany Lipscomb - Salisbury University
  • Brandi Putman - Towson University
  • Kealy Murphy - University of Maryland


Fund Guidelines

Applications period:  March 30 - April 30, 2018


1.     Must be a high school senior who is going to pursue further education and has applied to and plans to attend an institute of learning.

2.     Must meet one of the following criteria:

a.      A child or grandchild of a Jefferson Ruritan member and provide the name of the member,

b.     Reside in the Jefferson Postal District, zip code 21755,

c.      A member of Random Acts of Kindness Club that has volunteered 75 hours or more at the Jefferson Ruritan Club and can provide documentation.

NEW PROCEDURES - Please apply through the Community Foundation of Frederick County:

The Trustees of the Scholarship Fund will invite the recipient(s) of the award(s) and their parents to be guests of the Ruritan Club at the July dinner meeting for presentation of the scholarship(s).

Since 1977, the Jefferson Ruritan Club has awarded 140 scholarships totaling over $149,000.
Community Foundation of Frederick County has been administering the scholarship fund since 2012.

Previous Winners

2016-17 Winners of $1500 scholarships are:

  • Isabel Damazo, Brunswick High School, U of Maryland 
  • Alexander Leazer, Brunswick High School,  Miss. State
  • Sarah Holland, Brunswick High School, Fred. Comm. Col.
  • Mikenna Rogowsky, Brunswick High School, Towson

2015-16 Winners of $1500 scholarships are:

  • Zachary Rufty,Brunswick High School, U of Md
  • Marc Leazer, Brunswick High School, Auburn U
  • Knuckle Bergman, Brunswick High School, Towson U
  • Eva Agostino, Brunswick High School, U of Md.

2014 Winners of $1500 scholarships are:

  • Danielle Needham, BHS enrolling in Towson University
  • Jessica Grisez, BHS enrolling in Univ. of Maryland
  • Ashley Putman, MHS enrolling in York College
  • Devin Middeke, St. John's enrolling in Univ. of South Carolina

2013 Winners of $1500 scholarships:

  • Jenna Rochelle Caraher 
  • Abigail Catherina Duncan
  • Alicia Rogers
  • Joseph Thomas Bergman

2012 Winners of $1500 scholarships:

  • Elizabeth Bergman 
  • Marissa Stepler
  • Blaine Price
  • Nathan Edwards

2011 Winners of $1500 scholarships:

  • Megan Rufty (University of Maryland)
  • Shelby Coghill (Drexell)
  • Brook Price (Salisbury Univ. or Stephenson)
  • Rebecca Zubajlo (University of Maryland)
  • Courtney Swain (University of Maryland)

2010 Winners:

  • Becky Kaler - Brunswick H.S. to McDaniel College
  • Bradley Douglas - Brunswick H.S. to University of Maryland
  • Lydia Pacotti - Brunswick H.S. to Ohio Northern University
  • Carrie Holter - Middletown H.S. to Shepherd University

2009 Winners

  • Jordyn Huffer - Frederick H.S. to University of Florida
  • Chris Coghill - Brunswick H.S. to St. Mary's College of Maryland
  • Daniel Garman - Brunswick H.S. to St. Mary's College of Maryland
  • Eric Hoffmaster - Brunswick H.S. to Frostburg University
  • Elly McCarthy - Brunswick H.S. to Elizabethtown College|
  • Scott Moser - Brunswick H.S. to University of Maryland


2008 Winners

Kelsey House - Univ. of Delaware, majoring in elementary education
Adam Holter - Frederick Community College, later transferring to Shepherd College with a major in business
Brittany Arnold - Penn State, majoring in agriculture education/animal science (Note: part of Brittany's scholarship is provided through Ruritan National Foundation's Scholarship Program)
Nikki King - Mountain State University, majoring in forensic science/criminal justice
Dakota Stonesifer - Hood College, majoring in economics
Luke Kaler - Univ. of Maryland, majoring in business

2007 Winners

The graduating seniors that were presented with $1,500.00 scholarships were: 

Colleen O'Neil
Alyssa Avery
Christopher Carmel
Katlin Herber
Lindsay Jones

2006 Winners

The graduating seniors that were presented with $1,000 scholarships were:

Michael Marcoux
Ashley Hogan
Taya Aillery
Zak Kaler

2005 Winners

The graduating seniors that were presented with $1,000 scholarships were: 

Elizabeth Connelly
Tara Custer
Sara Crum

2004 Winners

The graduating seniors that were presented with $1,000 scholarships were:

Daniel Wheatley
Mandy Kaler
Daniel Hemp
Kyle Clelan

2003 Winners

The graduating seniors that were presented with $1000 scholarships for 2003 were:

Joshua Herber
Rachel Crum
April Monroe

2002 Winners

The graduating seniors that were presented with $1000 scholarships for 2002 were:

Veronica Webber
Leanne Wheatley
Ryan Whipp