Allegheny Power







Re: Jefferson

      Jefferson Pike

      Utility Relocation



Dear Mr. Carpenter:


             The following are concerns related to the relocation of the overhead electric lines along Jefferson Pike in Jefferson.


1.       Space would be needed for pad mounted transformers, switchgear, and vaults.

2.       All buildings would need re-wired to accommodate the underground services or all residences and businesses currently served from the front would need to be re-wired to accept service from the rear. Any meters located inside would need to be moved outside.

3.       The town would be responsible for all trenching and the conduit installation.

4.       All property owners would be required to provide new rights-of-way for any equipment needed to provide the new service.

5.       Trees located in back yards, along streets and alleys would need cut or trimmed to allow location of new facilities.

6.       The current street light system would need addressed. Decorative post top lights are available.

7.       Due to the depths of the properties, additional poles in the backyards would be necessary to get from the alleys to the buildings.

8.       There are areas where we have no facilities in the rear. We would ask Bell Atlantic to replace their poles so we may attach.

9.       The traffic lights would need to have power maintained. If they are replaced consideration on how to serve them will be a factor.


Before we proceed with any engineering, we would need the following information:


A detailed drawing of the area involved including one block in each direction. This drawing should show all water, sewer, and storm drain lines.


A list of property owners who would need contacted to obtain new rights-of-way.


A decision on street lighting and the traffic lights.



We would ask that the town notifies all property owners of the project and that Allegheny Power may be approaching them to locate facilities on their property.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at 301-694-4402.






                                                                                       Travis M. Turner

Lines Engineering Designer