From: David Phillips []
Sent: Friday, March 10, 2006 9:19 AM
To: Jim Carpenter
Cc: April Stitt; Mark Crampton

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Below are the properties we identified as having parking on the previous concept that will be loosing it in the revised design I showed last night.
    Jefferson Pastry Shop – 2 parking spots
    Jefferson Pike Classic Guitar – 2 parking spots
    House Number 3831 – 2 spots
    House Number 3843 and 3845 – 3 parking spots
    House Number 3851-A and B, and 3857 – 3 parking spots
    House Number 3824 – 1 parking spot
    House Number 3828 and 3830– 2 parking spots
    House Number 3834 – 1 parking spot
    Y2K Market – 2 parking spots
    St-Paul’s Lutheran Church – 7 parking spots
    Adrienne’s Flower Delight – 2 parking spots
    House number 3876 – 2 parking spots
    Jefferson United Methodist Church – 5 parking spots
As well I just want to confirm that we agreed last night to have a Task Force meeting on March 23rd to review the letter to the property owners who are loosing parking and review the display materials before the meeting with those property owners. The meeting with the affected property owners will be on 4/06.  Please let me know if this is correct.
David Phillips
Project Manager
Maryland State Highway Administration
fax: 410-209-5001