Jefferson Streetscape Task Force


Maryland State Highway Administration


Survey of Issues and Concerns

Background:  The State Highway Administration (SHA) is drafting the engineering designs for improvements along Jefferson Pike.  The project is called Jefferson Streetscape and a task force of local citizens is working with the SHA to provide citizen input.

Purpose of Survey:  To alert the engineers at SHA about the possible issues and concerns of each property owner so as to avoid costly changes in detailed specification of plans and procedures.


Property Address: ___________________________________________________________________

OR  Tax Map #: ________________________                  

Date: _______________________ 

Interviewer: _____________________________________________________________________

Name of person(s) interviewed:_________________________________________________________

o Owner        o Renter       o Other

 If other, explain:____ญญ______________________________________________________________

If not owner, name & address of owner: _____________________________________________                  ________________________________________________________________________________



Please comment on any concerns you may have that relate specifically to this property

(Below is a list of questions we have been asked.  Please elaborate any concerns)

Do you have a problem with granting access rights to construction personnel? 

(Your comments will not obligate you in any way.)


Do you have any drainage problems? (Please describe)


Does an existing utility pole cause problems with access to your property?


Do you have any other problems with the entrance to your driveway?


Do you have any issues with oneet business parking?


Do you have any issues with oneet residential parking?


Are you opposed to green spaces between the curb and sidewalks?


Do you have any problems with putting landscape plantings in the green space?


Other Concerns: