Jefferson Streetscape Task Force

Jefferson, Maryland

A project of  the
Jefferson Ruritan Club
in cooperation with
local organizations and residents
and the
Maryland State Highway Administration.

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Minutes from the June 22, 2000 meeting of the Jefferson Streetscape Task Force:

Held at the Jefferson Community Center, 7 pm

In attendance:

Ben Ahalt, Ronnie Ahalt, Mike Boyer, Jim Carpenter, Shirley Hale, Luther Hargett, Connie House, Dave House, Gene Keller,  Mary McCormack, Tony Poffenberger, Mike Summers, Bob Whipp

Jim Carpenter called the meeting to order at 7:08 pm.

Minutes from the June 5th meeting were approved.

 Mission Statement was approved:  To represent the community of Jefferson in work with the Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) in a project to improve Jefferson’s main street.  The improvements are called “streetscaping’ and include improvements to the curbs, gutters, and pavement of the roadway, as well as pedestrian safety, lighting, landscaping and historical highlights along the roadway.

 Method of Operation was approved:  The task force shall consist of volunteers from the community of Jefferson.  Members of the task force shall elect the following officers: president, secretary/treasurer, and chairpersons of the following standing committees: publicity, communications, database and MDOT liaison.  Meetings shall be conducted according to Robert’s Rules of Order.  The operating funds for the task force are expected to be minimal and will come from the donations of individuals, businesses and organizations.

Web site discussion:  Motion, second and approval to keep the Streetscape as a “project” on the Ruritan’s web site.  Jim Carpenter will get permission from the task force members to include e-mail and/or phone numbers on the site.  He will try to secure as a domain name with a Ruritan site residing at that domain.  Other organizations in the community will be invited to have their site residing on this domain.

Discussion of Public Input:  Jefferson is the first unincorporated community to address the possibility of a streetscape project.  We will need to research the county records since there are no town records.  Bobby Whipp will introduce the idea of our task force to Al Hudak and Jim Satterfield will then call Al Hudak and discuss how to obtain the records.  John will have the names of the owner’s of property along Route 180 within 2-3 weeks.  There are 300-400 properties fronting Maryland 180 from old Holter Road to Route 340.  He is pulling this information from State public records so there is no privacy issue involved.  We will need to contact Bell Atlantic and Allegheny Power.

There is a “deep patch” project underway in town at present and there are some members of the community who think that this is the Streetscape project underway already.

As we talk about the project in the community we should be sure and mention that this is NOT the Streetscape project.

Scheduling of a town walkthrough:  We will want to notify all property owners along Route180 of the date.  The State Highway Administration (SHA) will give an orientation lasting about hour.  We need to plan 2-3 hours for the walkthrough.  The publicity committee will put an article in the Brunswick paper and church newsletters regarding the project.  They will develop an article that will include a picture of one of the streetscapes already completed.  The article will be included with the mailing to property owners.  It was decided that the walkthrough would be held after the carnival to allow more time for publicity.

Connie House will discuss, with her committee, allowing the task force to join with the Ruritan membership booth at the carnival.  Comment cards will be developed so that members of the community can give their opinion to the task force.

Wish List:  All members of the task force were asked to complete a wish list.  Mary McCormack will compile the list into one and as we received input from the members of the community (discussions and comment cards) the list will be updated.  Some comments received already:  New sidewalks in areas where there are none now mean that property owners will have to shovel.  Counter comment: Children may be able to walk to school, residents can walk to the post office without having to walk in the street and the members of the community will have more sidewalks to walk and run on for fitness.

Meeting adjourned: 8:08 pm.

Next meeting:  Thursday, July 6th, 7:00 p.m. at the Community Center.

Deadline for submissions to the agenda: Wednesday, July 5th to Mary McCormack by email ( or phone (301) 473-8352.

Subsequent to the meeting:

Jim Carpenter has reserved the domain name