TO:                   Robert L. Fisher

                           District Engineer


FROM:             Kirk G. McClelland Deputy Director,

Office of Highway Development


BY:                   Mark Crampton

                           Senior Project Engineer


DATE:                           September 8, 2000


SUBJECT:      Town of Jefferson Walk Through, August 25, 2000

                           Minutes of Meeting


On August 25,2000, a walk through of the Jefferson community was held to review features in the town for the development of a concept plan for a possible neighborhood conservation project. The following persons were in attendance during the walk-through:


Mike Boyer                                Task Force

Jim Carpenter                            Task Force

Gene Keller                                SHA, and Task Force

John Lovell                                Task Force

Mary McCormack                    Task Force

John Satterfield                         Task Force

John Nolan                                 Nolan Associates, Inc.

Charles Nolan                            Nolan Associates, Inc.

Jim Baish                                    SHA, Land Planning and Design Group

Mary Barse                                SHA, Archeology

Roy A. Cannon, Jr.                  SHA, District 7 - Right of Way

Ken Clapp                                  SHA, Office of Traffic

Dennis German                         SHA, Highway Design Division

Paul Frushour                            SHA, District 7- Maintenance

Bob Fisher                                 SHA, District 7- District Engineer

Dean Randolph                         SHA, District 7 - Traffic

T.J. Spampinato                       SHA, Landscape Architecture

Mark Crampton                        SHA, Highway Design Division

The walk began at the Ruritan Club and headed north to the Lander Road/MD180 intersection. The group proceeded west to the Jefferson Elementary School while reviewing items along the south side of the road. The group crossed MD180 and proceeded east to the intersection of MD180 and Old Lander Road while reviewing items on the north side of the road. Then the group headed back to the Ruritan Club reviewing the remainder of the south side of the road. The following points are discussed using the rout described above.


Northbound along Lander Road to the MD180 intersection:


1.      Continuing the sidewalk along northbound Lander Road from the parking lot of the Ruritan Club to the intersection of Lander Road and MD Route 180 should to be included in the concept of the project.

2.      Relocating the main entrance to the Ruritan Club north of the Amoco, between the Amoco and the Bank should to be included in the concept of the project.  Right-of-Way availability to relocate entrance needs to be studied. Full accel/decel for the emergency equipment will be required for the relocation.  The existing entrance may remain as “right out” from the parking lot to Lander Road.

3.      An outlet pipe that drains from the F&M bank parking lot to the roadway will be modified and converted to an inlet in the future “Closed” storm drain system.

4.      There is a tree in front of the F&M bank building. This tree was referred to as the “Town Tree” by the task force members and may have historic significance.

5.      Providing safe pedestrian crossings at MD Route 180/Lander Road intersection is to be part of the design.

6.      Drainage issues will be a challenge throughout this project in order to not trap water with the new storm drain system.  Locations of stoops, vents, window wells, etc. will be picked up with the survey and considered while completing the design of the streetscape concept.

7.      Roof drains/downspouts will be considered in the concept of the project possibly tying into the new storm drain system by extending them under the sidewalk and draining into the gutter pan.

8.      A survey request will be prepared.

9.      Utility designation is also needed along with the survey.

10.  The possibility of relocating mailboxes to the houses will be investigated as a part of the concept.

11.  There is a wheel chair ramp to enter the front of the house located at 3879 Jefferson Pike that will have to be maintained with the concept.

12.  There was a tree cut down in front of the house located at 3879 Jefferson Pike.  When the tree was removed there were branches that grew through the utility lines that were left in place and they now hang precariously over the sidewalk.  The utility companies are to be notified by the SHA District Utility Engineer of this issue.

13.  The houses are served with well water, but the sewer system is City sewer. The line appears to run under the sidewalk on the south side of the road and individual cleanouts go to each property.

14.  There is a stone wall and inlet that drain under the parking lot at the Valley Dale apartments. The stone wall will investigated to see if there are any historical or archeological issues.

15.  Traffic calming, such as bump outs to narrow the roadway (which also requires the elimination of some parking), will be considered although there may be issue associated with snow removal.

16.  There are retaining walls currently at 3891 (the Jim George property), 3895 and 3893 Main St. (south side) and at 3742 Main (north side) which were pointed out as possible drainage problems. The walls drain across the existing sidewalk.

17.  A possible location for a bump out at pole no. 155 near Building 3859 was identified. It was also noted that many of the poles along the south side of the roadway were in the street or located at the face of curbing. The concept will need to address the adequate set back of the utility poles.

18.  As the concept is developed, an inventory of the building will be made by the SHA historian to note potential issues or historic structures. When a project of this type is constructed it is typical to include video or photographic surveys of the building to insure that no damage is done during construction.

19.  Survey will pick up feature like vents under porches such as at 3851 Jefferson Pike and old basement entrances or coal chutes.

20.  A (former) slaughter house/butchering complex is located behind 3851 Main St.

21.  There was granite curbing noted at alleys located next to 3851-3845, 3841B and 3812 Jefferson Pike. The archeologist will consider whether the stone curbs are of historic importance.

22.  The structure at 3843 was used as a harness shop in the 19th century.

23.  Test pits may be required to determine the pavement and sub-base materials and their thickness. It was noted that the roadway was originally concrete and had been widened. It is unclear whether any stones or cobbles may have predated the concrete.

24.  There is hand dug well located in front of 3819 Jefferson Pike 50’+ deep that was for watering horses.  At a minimum, this well will have to be capped for safety reasons.

25.  There is a drainage problem in front of 3739 Jefferson Pike that will be addressed with the concept of this project.

26.  The structure at 3723 Main was used (possibly) as a tavern according to task force members.

27.  A gas line begins on County property at 3641 Main and continues west (south side of MD 180) beyond the project limits.

28.  Lighting is not part of this contract.  However, the placement of a conduit with the nylon pull wires for future use is to be considered while developing the concept.

29.  Storm drains in shoulder are to be replaced.

30.  Crosswalks at the Post Office and Jefferson Market will be considered in the concept.

31.  The sidewalk on the South side of the roadway from the Bakery to the School will planned for reconstruction.  The sidewalk on the North side of the roadway will to be stopped at the Post Office.

32.  The right-of-way for MD180 is a turnpike right of way. The width will be investigated to determine where SHA ownership stops.

33.  There is a pipe inlet at 3845 Jefferson Pike that will require modification.  There is a current maintenance project to install precast inlets at this location and two (2) other locations closer to the school (3641 Jefferson Pike).

34.  There is a possibility that underground storage tanks may exist at the Jefferson Market.

35.  3641 Jefferson Pike is for bus parking.  This location should have a commercial entrance.

36.  There are gas line markers at 3641 Jefferson Pike.

37.  The roadwork will likely be very limited in the area of the post office, but the possibility of lowering the roadway east of the entrance was discussed to improve the sight distance.

38.  The possibility of narrowing the roadway at the post office will be investigated in order to slow traffic prior to entering the main part of town.

39.  The acceleration and deceleration lanes at the post office will be maintained.

40.  Consideration will be given to meander the sidewalk in the grass east of the post office in order to save the existing trees.

41.  There is possibly a cemetery at 3712 Jefferson Pike.  There should be no disturbance of this area if at all possible.

42.  The owner at 3714 Jefferson Pike wants to maintain access to his yard.  Placement of a depressed curb will be included in the concept.

43.  The recently constructed sidewalk and drainage ditch between 3716 and 3742 is to be incorporated into the concept as much as possible.

44.  The roadway is not wide enough to allow oneet parking in both directions at 3742-3802 Jefferson Pike.

45.  Installation of cross walks at Old Middletown Road will be investigated to see if they are warranted.

46.  There are two (2) maple trees in front of 3812 Jefferson Pike that the owner would like removed. The roots are causing problems with the sidewalk.

47.  The tree in front of 3814 Jefferson Pike looks to be in poor condition, and will be examined by an arborist.

48.  There is what appears to be an old cellar entrance at 3816 Jefferson Pike that will have to be considered when completing the design of this project.

49.  The owner of the house at 3822 Jefferson Pike is willing to give up on street parking for better access/sight distance at the cemetery at 3822-3844 Jefferson Pike.  Provide adequate radii and profiles at entrance.

50.  There was a structure adjacent to 3822 that is no longer extant; was used as the old fire house (horse/hand pumps)and will be a possible archeological issue.

51.  Parking should be eliminated at the entrance to cemetery which is behind 3822&3824 Jefferson Pike.

52.  Parking on the street raises problems at the exit from St Pauls Lutheran Church. St. Paul’s Lutheran Church was rebuilt in 1866.  The original structure was  built  in 1841.

53.  There is an overhead downspout at 3834 Jefferson Pike.

54.  There is a drainage problem at 3878 Jefferson Pike that will be addressed when the project would get into final design.

55.  The iron fence in front of the Jefferson United Methodist Church will not be disturbed.

56.  Tressie’s Pizza was once a gas station.  The possibility of underground storage tanks at this location will have to be investigated with the final design of this project.

57.  Coordination with Summers planned development will be required in the concept and design of this project. The buried gas tanks at the H.C. Summers business and the old Trolley Barn next to Summers have apparently been removed.

58.  The east limit of the project is Old Holter Road.

59.  The open ditch in front of 4211-4175 will be closed in to address a safety concern. Also, a washout at 4209 should be addressed in the interim by SHA maintenance.

60.  Sidewalks are to be included in the concept of the project on both sides of the roadway until notified otherwise.

61.  It was noted that the underground tanks at 4013 have probably been removed.

62.  There is an inlet across from 4011 Jefferson Pike that may need to be repaired. The grate should be made to be traffic bearing.

63.  There are large trees with huge roots at 4005 Main that may present sidewalk problems. The trees should be evaluated to see if they warrant special consideration.

64.  There is a large Norway Maple at 3909 which may present sidewalk problems. This tree should also be evaluated to see if special consideration is warranted.


If there are any questions or additions to the above notes please do not hesitate to contact Mark Crampton the Project Engineer at 410-545-8876 or toll free at 1-888-841-7493.




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