Minutes from the September 26, 2000 meeting of the Jefferson Streetscape Task Force:


Held at the Jefferson Community Center, 7 p.m.


In attendance:

Ben Ahalt, Joe Dade, Shorty Hargett, Gene Keller, Mary McCormack, Tony Poffenberger

SHA: Mark Crampton, Bob Fisher


Mary McCormack called the meeting to order at 7:10pm.


No new members or guest.


Agenda was approved.


Minutes were approved.  Minutes from the walk-thru were discussed and corrected.


Treasurer’s report:            Mary McCormack     Nothing new to report.


Web Committee report:  Jim Carpenter            absent


Database Administrator report:            John Satterfield         absent


Publicity Committee report:      Tony Poffenberger Next plan of action is to have the town meeting to bring residents up to speed on the project.  Decided on an informal meeting with refreshments. November 9th at 7pm.  Will invite residents as well as property owners along the proposed route.  Formal invitations will be sent then a reminder card.  Request RSVP.  Will add that if anyone needs a ride to call Mary.  Will include Ruritan and Fire Company Boards.  Purpose of meeting is to raise awareness of the project in order to have 100% cooperation.  Need decisions such as, sidewalks in the area of the motel, for the concept and design teams.  Tony and Mary to work on invitation and follow-up.  Gene suggests door-to-door invites.


SHA Liaison report:          Gene Keller   Mark Crampton is working on getting a contact within the county to participate with us since we are an unincorporated community within the county.  Discussion of the Frederick county sidewalk ordinance – weak.  State will need to get everyone’s permission to proceed with the project once the final design is approved.  If any one person does not want their sidewalk repaired, we could lose the funding for the entire sidewalk project. 


There is a consultant on board now – Nolan Associates.  The district traffic group has solicited a consultant to inventory lights, signs, etc.  Surveys will be contracted out to the Baltimore office.  Over the coming months, survey people will be gathering data from the ground.  The historian and archaeologist will be looking around also.  It will probably be December before the fly thru and mapping are done.  Mark will keep us informed on the progress of the survey teams.  State will get permission from homeowners before entering property when conducting the surveys.  (Subsequent to the meeting certified letters were received informing residents that people would be in the area and would appreciated cooperation.)


Discussion of the new time line.


Discussion of the historical process.


Discussion of the concept plan handout.


Wish List Discussion: Mark has revamped the wish list into the format best for the project. He requests feedback.


Next meeting/activities: Next meeting – November 9, 2000, 7pm.


Adjourned at 8:15pm.





NOTE:             Apparently many members of the task force were informed that the meeting was Thursday night instead of Tuesday night, thus the light turnout.  Please remember that the meetings are posted in the minutes.  Minutes are mailed or e-mailed to all task force members prior to the meeting to serve as a reminder.  mhm