Jefferson Streetscape Task Force

Jefferson, Maryland

A project of  the
Jefferson Ruritan Club
in cooperation with
local organizations and residents
and the
Maryland State Highway Administration.

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These comments were submitted by people attending the big town meeting on November 9, 2000.  Names were omitted due to confidentiality concerns.





Take down 2 trees in front of house.- roots getting bad.  Replacing the street.


Look at intersection at Old Middletown Rd – the narrow entrance into road from 180


We need safety, especially when walking – curb would help.  Signs for speeders to slow down


Driveway aprons were not considered when the repaving was done this summer – needs to be addressed. Seems like a great opportunity for the tow to get the sidewalks upgraded and improve the appearance of our town.


Remove passing zone on 180 if you are concerned about safety – sidewalks all the way thru town


We feel the existing improvements in front of our residence are more than adequate but would be open to discussion if changes are desired . 


New sidewalk, and apron would be very appreciated in front of my house – thanks


We’ll look forward to the next step


In favor of sidewalks, pedestrian crossings, burial of utilities.  As far as “decorative” trees, trash can, benches, etc. I feel that these additions will pose additional future expense & increase potential for vandalism problems.  Who will be responsible for maintaining any of these types of additions?


Would like to have utility pole moved, need improve drainage, need positve drainage from downspouts, need curbing that will provide special paving so I can back into driveway


Would like to see sidewalks, as well as, streets well lighted.  Make sure water drains away from houses and driveways, telephone poles should be buried


Reserve right to change mind depending on final plan




Need to address drainage and speeding in front of my house; currently passing is allowed in this area (up by Rocks Place); at times vehicles are passing other vehicles in this section


Favor the simple plan, improved street, drainage, sidewalks, driveway aprons, curb, guttering and pedestrian crosswalks – narrow street to SLOW people down.  Gateway sign would be nice


Homeowner on east side of town near Roc’s.  Drainage along south side of 180 – heavy rains cause water to run over apron.  Young children in area ride along shoulder.  Keep shoulder wide for place to ride.  Review speed limits and passing zones.  Refurbish existing sidewalks and improve drainage in downtown area.  Minimal cosmetic improvements to enhance small town image.


Drainage from field and down far side of road.  Difficulty seeing when cars parked up street in leaving driveway.  Speed of drivers coming westbound.


No sidewalk on our side of 180.  No objection to curb being installed.


Would like to see sidewalks & drainage ditch done.  But please retain the historical integrity.


Would like to see the speed limit reduced, the passing zone taken away, the 3 ft. drainage ditch changed to be a little safer.  Would like to see sidewalks all the way through town.


This can be as simplified or made as complicated as possible.  I believe curb, gutter or drainage and sidewalk could be the best improvement that can be pursued.


Currently able to park in front of house.  Vehicles partly on macadam and partly on our pavement.  Pavement is lower than the road.  Concerned whether we’ll still be able to park in front of house during the day – the only place where our visitors can park


I would like to see this project move forward.  Thank you.


Looking forward to it!


I favor downtown replacement but do not want sidewalk in front of my house. In other words, replace present sidewalks but DO NOT ADD ANY.  I think that a highway slowing paving to slow traffic beginning at Old Holter Rd. into Jefferson.  Cars are presently speeding past the house


I favor downtown sidewalks being replaced but not adding any new ones out side of town.  Getting rid of passing zone on 180.


Interested in assisting on task force. (note from Mary – have added Adrienne to our email list for notices_


Our concern is the sidewalk in front of our house in particular.  We have a large bank in front of the house -   would a retaining wall be placed there?


Interested in safe pedestrian access across the Lander Road/340 overpass which connects 180 area of Jefferson with developments at Roundtree.  Very interested in bike access & safety.  Also, see need for ways to slow traffic where homes are so close to the road.