Jefferson Streetscape Task Force

Jefferson, Maryland

A project of  the
Jefferson Ruritan Club
in cooperation with
local organizations and residents
and the
Maryland State Highway Administration.

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Minutes from the January 11, 2001
Meeting of the Jefferson Streetscape Task Force:

Held at the Jefferson Community Center, 7:00 pm.

In attendance:

Mike Boyer, Jim Carpenter, Mark Crampton, Gene Keller, Frank Knapp (SHA District Right of Way), Mary McCormack, Dave Phillips, Tony Poffenberger, John Satterfield, Kevin Smith, Travis Turner (Allegheny Power).

Jim Carpenter called the meeting to order at 7:11 pm.

Travis Turner and Frank Knapp were introduced.

Agenda was approved.

Minutes from the December 7th meeting were approved as changed.

Treasurer's Report: Mary McCormack No report.

Web Committee Report: Jim Carpenter Report posted on web site.

Database Administrator Report: John Satterfield No report.

Publicity Committee Report: Tony Poffenberger No report.

SHA Liaison Report: Gene Keller/Dave Phillips Surveys and topography field work are done. A computer file is being created with the data collected.

Utilities Liaison Committee: Jim Carpenter Report logs on web site. Joyce Brown, the mayor of Burkittsville, relayed to Jim that there is no source of funds set up to cover the cost of burying the utilities. A representative from Allegheny Power attended and gave an approximate $1.2 million dollar cost to bury the electric. Experience tells us that Verizon will cost about the same and we have not counted GS Communications for cable. Hook ups would be extra to the homeowners. Committee voted to retire the idea for burying the utilities.

Old Business:

Need to review the Ballenger Creek sidewalk ordinance.

Wish List/Comments Discussion: none

Assignments for owner/resident presentations: Results are coming in slowly. Pictures are coming if we need visual aids for discussions with homeowners.

New Business: Frank Knapp reported that the county needs to sponsor this project and lobby state funds for us. Kevin will give a heads up to Mike Marshner and Al Hudak that a meeting will be requested in order to obtain a sponsor to champion this project for us. Mary will arrange for a meeting after getting more results in from the owner/resident presentations.

Discussion of the need for a regular meeting night to assist members with planning, and alleviate the need for reminders. The meetings will be held on the 4th Thursday of the month.

Next meeting: Thursday, February 22, 2001, 7pm.