Jefferson Streetscape Task Force

Jefferson, Maryland

A project of  the
Jefferson Ruritan Club
in cooperation with
local organizations and residents
and the
Maryland State Highway Administration.

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Minutes from the November 29, 2001 meeting of the Jefferson Streetscape Task Force

Held at the Jefferson Community Center, 7:00 pm.

In attendance:
Ben Ahalt, Talbott Arnold, Mike Boyer, Jim Carpenter, Joe Dade, Greg Filar, Betty Hargett, Shorty Hargett, Gene Keller, John Leslie, Mary McCormack, Dave Phillips, Rosemary Rosensteel, Brick Remsburg, John Satterfield, Adrienne Summers, Mike Summers, Ken Wagester, Bobby Whipp.

Jim Carpenter called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Agenda was approved.

Minutes from the October 25th meeting were approved as written.

Treasurer's Report: Still under the $500 budget offered by the Jefferson Ruritan Club.

Web Committee Report: Minutes are up to date on the Web Site.

Database Administrator Report: No report.

Publicity Committee Report: No report.

SHA Liaison Report: See new/old business.

Old Business:
Owner Follow-up: Action to obtain response from block meeting no shows: Divided up those we still did not have a solid answer from even after the letters with booklets were sent. Face to face contact will be tried now.

Concept Planning: Dave reported that the most important item right now is getting the county involved. We need to get the Commissioners on board now with a resolution. Discussion ensued on how to best go about getting the resolution. Jim has already sent a letter to Mr. Chen (sp?) and will follow-up with him. We need to work on this while we are getting the last of the owners approval of the project.

Money is tight - they are spending the 2004 funds now on construction. There is a hiring freeze on and a crunch on State funds. If the project were not to get approval immediately, it would not be thrown away - just considered at a later date. Next step for us is design funding.

Dave went over the checklist for funding. We are on section 3 now. Some items are entirely out of our control, some are ok and some need assistance from the county.

Discussed amenities - grass, shrubs, accent paving.
If community wants accents it may be necessary to obtain an additional source of funding. Looked at various varieties of pavers, concrete, stamped concrete and compared cost of each. Etched concrete will be done by the State at no extra charge.

Looked at a well cap idea for the town well.

Comment by David Phillips that the sidewalks will need to be the same for everyone - no patchwork. This is in direct conflict with what we understood at the beginning of this project.

New Entrance to the Ruritan Center: Meeting to be held in December to present the new design ideas.

New Business: Joe Dade has agreed to be in charge of meeting setup. Rosemary Rosensteel will be our County Liaison. Tony Poffenberger will be approached to be the official liaison with the Post Office. Did not record any discussion on whether or not membership on the task force needed to be verified at this time.

Next meeting: Thursday, December 20th - subsequently canceled due to the holidays. January meeting - Thursday, January 24, 2002

Adjourned 8:52 p.m.