Minutes from the January 24, 2002
Meeting of the Jefferson Streetscape Task Force:

Held at the Jefferson Community Center, 7:00 pm.

In attendance: Ben Ahalt, Jim Carpenter, Gene Keller, John Leslie, Mary McCormack, Dave Phillips, Josette Robichaud, Adrienne Summers, Mike Summers and Ken Wagester.

Jim Carpenter called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

Virginia Floyd from the Jefferson Community Assn. (Briarcrest) and the Jefferson Representative regarding the Brunswick Regional Plan was introduced.

Agenda was approved.

Minutes from the November 29, 2001 meeting were approved as written.

Treasurer's Report: No report.

Web Committee Report: No report.

Database Administrator Report: No report

SHA Liaison Report: See new/old business.

Meeting Arrangements: No report.

County (BOCC) Liaison: Rosemary is talking with the Historic District Commission to get them on board and wants to plan lunches/meetings with the individual commissioners.

Old Business: Report on property owner opinions: Still waiting to hear from everyone.

Report on membership verification: Discussed polling the members of the committee to find out which night is best for them to meet. May need to meet more often with commissioners' involvement and decision-making.

Concept Planning: David explained Smart Growth/Neighborhood Conservation. Mentioned Fund 76. There is no purchase of Right of Way currently. Right of Entry that the SHA will be seeking form the property owners is not legally binding. Readdressed the county sidewalk ordinance (and lack thereof). Went through the checklist again. We are 80% complete with the Concept Phase. The focus of the Task Force now needs to be on the County Commissioners and getting a resolution of support of the project and request for funding of the design phase. The project is stopped until we get that resolution.

Discussed needing to get a consensus on what the community wants in the way of sidewalks and how to go about obtaining this consensus. Jim discussed not giving up on another source of funding such as the county. Discussed how we have from the beginning assured everyone, including the county representatives we have spoken with that this will cost nothing.

Virginia mentioned Ed Gorsky, the chief comprehensive planner writes for grants and would perhaps be someone to approach for assistance. Also mentioned David Whitaker as someone to help.

If we have a funding source for extras we will need to provide proof, according to the checklist, that a 3rd party has provided funds and that the funds are available. We may actually need to have the funds escrowed.

A decision is needed about the sidewalks and "green space" areas: If SHA paid - need decision by construction. If 3rd party funded - need decision by Design phase.

Dave Phillips also reported that for the next meeting or at a future meeting he would have a District Right of Way person attend to discuss with the Task Force how and when to go about securing Right of Entries. This used to be done prior to the design work, but now prior to construction.

He will discuss with Mary Barse the potential historic significance of the fence in front of the Methodist Church.

The change to the Ruritan/Fire Company entrance is off the table.

A decision will be needed on the Cistern Cap detail. Again, if SHA funded need by construction, if 3rd party funded, need by design phase. A plaque could be installed at a later date.

Some extras may be in Bobby Fisher's discretionary funds.

Ken W. will fax a sample of a resolution (from design phase to construction) to Virginia Floyd.

New Business: Mary had received email from Nancy Piper with United Concrete Products asking to speak to us regarding material s for the project. Dave explained to us that if United Concrete was offering the materials free of charge we could accept them, if not free of charge they will have to go through the bid process. Contractors will be chosen by SHA. Mary will email Nancy and explain this.

Subsequently: Mary emailed Nancy and she replied that she understands the bid process and is at our service if we want to look at the various types of pavers available as we make our decisions. United Concrete has a large selection to look at and a couple of experts to answer any questions we may have.

Next meeting: Thursday, February 28, 2002.