Minutes from the November 17, 2005
Meeting of the Jefferson Streetscape Task Force:

Held at the Jefferson Community Center, 7:00 pm.

  1. Call to Order

The meeting was called to order by Jim Carpenter at 7:05 p.m. 

  1. General introductions of everyone in attendance & missing

In attendance:

Jefferson Residents SHA and Contractors

Jim Carpenter

David Phillips, MDoT, SHA
Mike Boyer Mark Crampton, MDoT, SHA

John Satterfield

April Stitt, MDoT, SHA

Guy Wenk

David Coyne, MDoT, SHA
Harold Snell
Andy Lynn
Deborah DeMasse-Snell
Gene Keller

Ray Johnson

The following people gave advance notification that they could not make the meeting:  Mary McCormack, Ben Ahalt, Brick Remsburg.

  1. Additions & approval of the agenda - approved

  2. Minutes of Last Meeting - approved

  3. Status of officers and members

The Task Force is open to new members.  

The following people volunteered for the respective posts and those present generally agreed.  No formal elections were held.

President:  Jim Carpenter  
Secretary:  Harold Snell
Alternate Secretary:  Mary McCormack  (volunteered via phone before meeting)
Arrangements:  Mike Boyer
State Liaison: Gene Keller
Ruritan Liaisons:  Jim Carpenter
Database Committee Chair:  John Satterfield

It was suggested that Ben Ahalt share duties with Jim Carpenter, i.e., act as a back-up or vice president.

It was agreed that the duties of secretary would be limited to keeping minutes of the meeting, not a catch-all for all tasks, per request of Mary McCormack..

The position of treasurer remains open.

  1. Report from SHA

District Engineer David Coyne reviewed the history of the funding since last meeting.  It seems the funds were "accidentally" cut by the legislature but eventually restored.  David cautioned that the projected revenue may fall $120 million short of the six year Capital Transportation Plan (CTP) due to reduced gas tax revenue.  Two factors are likely to produce the shortfall in gas taxes:  fewer miles traveled and better gas mileage, both due to the increase in gas prices.

David Phillips, project engineer for Streetscape, briefly reviewed the concept diagrams.  The plans cover construction work from the school to Jefferson Auto Repair and some along Lander Road to the Jefferson Ruritan entrance.  Construction work involves grinding and overlaying the road surface, installing new sidewalks and curbs with parking spaces and some green spaces.  The major technical problems are drainage, safety, and right of way. 

Dave Phillips listed the Phase 2 milestones:

Andy asked about methods of slowing traffic, like speed bumps.  David P. said the Jefferson Streetscape Task Force (the Task Force) had rejected speed bumps.  David C. said they present problems for plows.  David P. said the plan employs "psychological" methods of reducing speed.

Jim asked whether the plans are open to change, seeing how it has been several years and there have been changes in property ownership.  In particular, he'd heard people suggest a round-about to replace the intersection at the streetlight.  Mark Crampton indicated that a round-about would require removing the corner properties (including the bank).  David P. said the min. inside diameter would be 120 ft.  David P. indicated that the plans are open to change.

Deborah asked whether the plans reflect the village center (VC) zoning status of the main street.  It was pointed out that VC is an ambiguous zone requirement, allowing both business and residential business and that property owners would have to address the county individually.  The current plans don't seem to conflict with VC zoning. 

There was discussion of the roll of the Task Force.  It was agreed that the task force serves an important roll as liaison between the community and the state and to apply pressure for funding of the construction phase.  The following tasks were identified:

  1. Next meeting:  the next meeting will be in mid January, 2006.

  1. Adjourn - the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 p.m.