Minutes from the March 9, 2006
Meeting of the Jefferson Streetscape Task Force

Held at the Jefferson Community Center, 7:00 pm.

  1. Call to Order - The meeting was called to order by Jim Carpenter at 7:15 p.m. 

  2. General announcements
    The web site for the Jefferson Streetscape project has been updated. The URL is http://JeffersonMd.net/Streetscape.
    Andy Lynn regrets that he can not attend tonight's meeting.  He has reviewed the plans and Jim has his comments.
    Rev. Guy has made the plans available for review at UCC.
    After everyone else refused, Jim agreed to take minutes of this meeting.

  3. General introductions of everyone in attendance

    Jefferson Residents SHA and Contractors

    Jim Carpenter

    David Phillips, MDoT, SHA
    Mike Boyer Mark Crampton, MDoT, SHA

    John Satterfield

    April Stitt, MDoT, SHA

    Guy Wenk

    Gene Keller
    Maurice Hoffmaster
    Ben Ahalt
  4. Additions & approval of the agenda - approved

  5. Minutes of last meeting - Minutes were posted on the web site but no one brought them tonight.  Jim summarized that last meeting.

  6. Report from SHA - Preliminary Investigation (30% landmark for engineering design)

The SHA team met Feb. 22 in their Preliminary Investigation that marks the approximate 30% completion of the final engineering designs.  They made changes to the design that they had given us the week before.  The changes were based on ADA requirements, bicycle lanes, and right of way constraints.  ADA (disability access) requires 5 foot sidewalks.  There are provisions for waiving the requirements in specific locations, e.g., where cost is excessive or space is not available.  The changes resulted in a loss of 40 parking spaces (reduced to 34 after 6 double entries were found in the following discussion). 

Water drainage and treatment plans await the study of the hydraulic engineers.  Jim said that his Environment Committee of Jefferson Ruritan has concerns.

  1. Discussion of design and next steps

Everyone present reviewed the updated plans.  The Jefferson members of Streetscape predicted that many of the affected property owners would not object to and would, in fact, prefer no parking in front of their property.  In other cases, the property has room to accommodate curb side parking if the property owner chooses to dedicate land for it.  SHA will check if there are benefits (e.g., tax breaks) to the property owners who dedicate land for curb side parking. 

Two of the properties that would loose curb side parking have no access to offeet parking on their property. Guy asked whether it was possible for the state or county to construct a back alley way to accommodate those properties.  The alley could run between 3824 and the bank.  SHA will research this possibility.

It was agreed that we need to meet with the property owners who would loose parking spaces before we have a meeting with all of the property owners.  Thursday, April 6 at 7 pm was set as the date for the property owners who would loose parking.   The task force will meet again on March 22 to plan the meeting. 

For the March 23 meeting, SHA will write a description of what can be done for each property owner and produce an transparency overlay of those plans.  David will send Jim the addresses of the affected properties so that Jim can send them a meeting announcement.

  1. Task assignments from Nov. meeting

    1. Letter to Jefferson citizens - Jim Carpenter and Rev. Guy Wenck
      The second paragraph needs to be reworded to reflect the purpose of the April 6 meeting.

    2. Letters to politicians - Jim Carpenter and Deborah DeMasse-Snell
      There were no objections to the wording.  David verified that the engineering design is still on track for completion by fall of this year. Mark will send Jim a list of the politicians who should receive the letter. 

    3. Resident Database - John Satterfield
      John distributed copies of the list of property owners in his database.  The database covers all affected properties, those between Horine Road and Old Holter Road.  He distributed a separate list of the new owners.  Some commented that the list already needs updating.  Mark said that SHA can pull addresses of all current property owners.  Jim asked how John's database was different from SHA's.  There was no answer. (John had already left.)

  2. Next meeting - the Jefferson Streetscape Task Force will meet on Thursday, March 23 at 7 pm to plan the April 6 meeting with property owners who may loose parking spaces.

  3. Adjourn - meeting was adjourned at 8:40 pm.