Minutes from the April 20, 2006 Meeting

of the Jefferson Streetscape Task Force


  1. The meeting was called to order at 7 pm by Jim Carpenter, president

  2. Welcome and General announcements
    The web site for the Jefferson Streetscape project is found at http://JeffersonMd.net/Streetscape. It was created and is maintained by Jim Carpenter.

    The purpose of this meeting is to discuss recent engineering design changes in the Conceptual Plan which result is fewer curb side parking spaces. 

  3. General introductions of everyone in attendance

The following people from State Highway Administration (SHA) attended: 
David Phillips (Project Manager), Mark Crampton (Assistant District 7 Engineer), April Stitt (Traffic Engineer)

The following citizens were present: 
Jim Carpenter (President), Ben Ahalt,  Gene Keller, Adrienne Summers, Tony Poffenberger, Maurice Hoffmaster, Bernie Wolford, Clarence and Barbara Horst, Joan Biser, Lisa and Bill Phelps, Harold and Deborah Snell, Andy Lynn, Rick Weldon (Maryland Delegate), John Lovell, Jr (County Commissioner).

  1. Agenda was amended and approved

  2. New Secretary - Deborah Snell agreed to be the secretary for the task force.

  3. Notes from the April 6 meeting with property owners were read and corrected.

  4. Database Update - Tony Poffenberger said he is about 70% done verifying John's work.

  1. Discussion of April 6 Resolution

A resolution was unanimously approved in the April 6 meeting to have SHA research the possibilities of waiving the bike lane requirements and revert to the original Conceptual Plan as much as possible.

David estimated that of the 32 parking spaces that were in the original 2002 plan and not in the current, keeping the 5 foot sidewalks and eliminating the bike lanes would result as follows:  6 spaces would likely be recovered, 6 would not, and 20 may require dedication by property owner.  After discussion, David proposed that SHA develop three sets of plans to be considered at out next meeting:  (1) the original 2002 plan, (2) current plan with ADA approved sidewalks and bike lanes, and (3) a new plan with ADA approved sidewalks and no bike lanes.  A resolution was unanimously passed to accept the proposal that SHA present the 3 plans for discussion at our next meeting.  David said the plans would be ready by May 30.

  1. Spring Fest - Deborah agree to organize booth at the Jefferson Spring Fest.  Jim to give her the membership list and the contact info for the show organizer.

  2. Walk-through - the task force agreed to arrange a walk-through after the next meeting.

  3. Next Task Force Meeting

David to confirm with Jim on June 1 for the next meeting and Jim will notify the Task Force members.

  1. Adjourn - the meeting was adjourned at 8:20 pm.