Minutes of Meeting for Thursday, December 11, 2008

Meeting of the Jefferson Streetscape Task Force
at the Jefferson Ruritan Center

  1. Call to order at 7 pm

  2. The following people attended:
    Jan Gardner (Frederick County Commissioner), Jim Carpenter, Mike Boyer, Marshall Wisner, Gene Keller, Harold and Deborah Snell, Tony Poffenberger, Andy Lynn,  David Phillips (SHA), David Coyne (SHA), Dennis German (SHA), Brick Remsburg, Bill Hemp.

  3. Introduction
    District Engineer David Coyne explained the purpose of the meeting and reviewed the history of Streetscape.

  4. Discussion

    There were many comments about frustration over the lengthy Streetscape process and belief that it was not going anywhere.  Mike Boyer related his discussion with property owners who would not support the latest SHA design because they would loose oneet parking.  Since SHA has said that 100% buy in from affected property owners was required, the project seemed at an impasse.  Andy Lynn asked if 100% buy in was still a requirement.  David Coyne said that the State could purchase temporary easements that would give the State the right to do the construction and that the easement would expire after construction was completed.  The State has the power of eminent domain to purchase temporary easements.

    David Coyne suggested writing a letter to all property owners for a meeting to discuss and vote on the SHA design.  Property owners could vote on the plan at the meeting or by submitting a ballot.  Failure to vote would count as approval.   

    Commissioner Gardener and the SHA engineers emphasized the importance of a high level of support from affected property owners.  Higher support levels would improve our chances of competing for funds with other projects. 

  5. Approved actions.

    Tony Poffenberger made a motion to adopt a requirement for a 2/3 majority approval of SHA design plans among all affected property owners, with one vote allowed per parcel (including vacant lots).  After discussion, the motion was unanimously approved by all in attendance.

    It was agreed that SHA would draft a letter to property owners to call a meeting to vote on the SHA design.  Jim Carpenter will circulate the draft to the Task Force for comments before it is sent.

  6. Next Task Force Meeting.  To be determined.

  7. Meeting adjourned at 8:20 p.m.